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Rental FAQ

Q: How long am I able to rent the equipment for?

A: You may rent the equipment for as long as you would like subject to availability and previously reserved rental dates.

Q: Does the equipment include all cables?

A: Yes, the equipment comes with the standard cables to get you performing in no time.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: We use stripe for all forms of payment with online invoices. We accept Debit/Credit Card and Bank Transfers.

Q: How expensive is it to rent the equipment?

A: Please contact us to inquire about our rental rates as they do vary based on date and time.

Q: What happens if I were to break the equipment?

A: Our motto is, you break, you buy. This equipment is very expensive and we would like all of our renters to treat it as if it was their own.

Q: Do you deliver the equipment?

A: Yes, we offer a delivery service within the city of Jacksonville, FL.